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Hello everyone,

I know I speak for the other branch leaders when I say thank you to everyone for all you have done to help spread the word about the Gospel and our clan in WoT. We have seen tremendous growth recently due to participation in Clan Wars, a more active presence in game, and the friendliness of each of you as you play with others. Your efforts have been noticed and we have been getting a lot of new individuals interested in joining us. This has for the second time this year, filled up our In-Game Clan to its Maximum!

So, in order to continue recruiting and to open up space we are taking a big step. Starting tomorrow night we will have a second In-Game WoT clan. This clan will be community gaming focused for those who enjoy getting on randomly and playing a few games, and maybe hooking up and playing platoons and a random team battle or two.

The current _SOC_ Clan will become more focused on Clan Wars, Team Battles, Tank Companies, Tournaments, Etc. We will still do fun community events but will endeavor to become more competition oriented.

We do not want this to become a Battlesquad v. Non-battlesquad situation, but rather a duel focus on Outreach and Witnessing. We will host events that members of both clans can participate in, play with each other, and improve everyone's skills and enjoyment overall.

Some of the current users in the clan will be removed and sent invitations to join this new clan based on activity and interest in playing in Clan Wars especially. We will start transferring people after the Thanksgiving weekend to allow everyone to enjoy time with their families without worrying about their status in the clan.

Thank you so much for all your efforts and continued strive to put the Lord first in the online gaming world!

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