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If you would like to participate in Clan Wars, we ask that you follow the following in-game rules.

1) In each battle there will be one person in command, Please listen to what they have to say and follow their directions
2) Follow all requests from the Branch Leaders, Branch Commander, and Branch Deputy Commanders.
3) If a battle is going to be a Technical Victory then at least 3 people should show up in case one or more loses connection at the last second.
4) Do not argue with or countermand the in game orders regardless of whether you think they are right or wrong.
5) BRING GOLD SHELLS (but buy them with credits).
6) No changes with less than 30 seconds until battle. No exiting, changing ammo, etc. Be Ready before then.

Branch Leadership:

Branch Leaders
}SoC{Vin Solonas

Branch Commander

Branch Deputy Commanders
}SoC{Vin Solonas

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