Crew skills and why mentor is a terrible skill

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I'm going to start by listing all the skills and perks and rank them assuming mentor to be a good skill. (this will help to show why mentor is bad later) Then I will go into more detail on what each skill does, and finish by explaining why mentor is bad.

Brothers in arms----------best
Camo-----------------------very good to poor(tank dependent)
Mentor----------------------very good(its really terrible)
Sixth sense----------------Extremely good
Eagle eye-------------------good
Jack of all trades----------good
Snap shot------------------very good
Designated Target--------poor to ok?
Deadeye--------------------ok to good
Smooth ride---------------good
Clutch braking-------------good
Controlled Impact---------good
Off-road driving----------good
Preventive maintenance-good to very good
Situational Awareness---good
Call for vengeance-------ok
Signal boosting-----------bad to poor
Adrenaline rush----------good/ok
Safe Stowage------------good

Brothers in arms
This perk gives the same benefits as vents, increasing your crew qualification by 5%. To be effective ALL crew members must have it at 100%, however it remains in effect if crew members die in battle or your crew is not at 100% for the tank. This perk is one of the only ways to affect accuracy, rof, and speed.

This skill improves the crew member's ability to repair a module that has been knocked out, with a higher training level resulting in faster repairs. The skill bonus starts to take effect as soon as a module is damaged.(from wot wiki)

Decreases the amount of time it takes to put out a fire and the amount of damage done per tick.

Increases a tanks native camo rating, less effective on large tanks.

Gives every OTHER crew member a bonus of 0.1% exp per 1% of the skill(mentor) trained.

Sixth sense
Gives delayed notification of being spotted. While the delay and lack of permanent notification reduce the perks effectiveness, it still is extremely useful.

Eagle eye
Gives delayed notification of the targeted tank's damaged and destroyed mods and crew members. While it takes 4 seconds to target, being able to know when a tank is ammo racked with a dead loader, etc can be quite helpful. Works best in voice communication situations.

Small boast to view range and reduces the effect of damaged viewports.

Jack of all trades
Allows the commander to replace killed crew members at up to 50% of the base qualification. Its effectiveness is divided by the number of dead crew members.

Snap shot
Increases accuracy during gun/turret traversal.

Gives a 2% increase to the chance of getting a critical hit. Does not seem to increase 0 damage pens. Almost useless with high alpha, low rof guns, it is helpful for high rof or autoloading guns.

Increases accuracy of a damaged gun up to a 20% reduction of the penalty. Not being forced to use a repair kit on something when its damaged is a very good thing.

Designated Target
Makes targeted enemy visible for 2 extra seconds. For it to work the tank must be with in sight range, aka it is useless for arty. Largely useless due to its constraints.

Smooth ride
Reduces the penalty of the tanks linear movement. The angular movement (turning) penalty is not affected.

Clutch braking
Increases the rate of turning for your tank. Note that the angular movement penalty is related to how fast you turn.

Controlled Impact
Decreases your damage and increases damage to enemy tanks from ramming when your vehicle is moving. The other tank does not need to be moving. (see wiki)

Off-road driving
Reduces ground resistance when off of roads. Makes you quicker, faster and turn faster.

Preventive maintenance
Reduces fire chance by 25%. We hate fires on our tanks.

Situational Awareness
Increases view range. not great, but the skill is better than anything else the radioman has.

Call for vengeance
Spot for 2 seconds after death. Good for scouts and not much else.

Signal boosting
Yay, more radio range...

Tanks in your radio range get more radio range. Better than Signal boosting, which is not saying much.

Adrenaline rush
9.1% reduction in loading time if below 10% health. Good luck actually being below 10% health.

Chance to load a shell instantly when switching ammo types. The effect is cumulative. I switch ammo types a lot...

Safe Stowage
Increases ammo rack durability by 12.5%. Good if ammo rack is commonly hit.

Mentor is bad
Lets look at the number of good skill each crew member has on a camo ineffective tank. BIA, Repair, and firefighting will be ignored as +3 as every crew member needs them. This assumes mentor as a good skill.

Commander: 5 (3+)
Gunner: 3 (3+)
Driver: 5 (3+)
Radioman: 1 (3+)
Loader: 2 (3+)

So looking at the number of skills that each crew member needs to train, only one crew member needs as many skills as the commander and no one has skills that are more useful. Thus, ignoring mentor means your crew becomes more effective faster without mentor than with it. The issue with mentor is that wastes an entire skill on something that does nothing for your tank in battle in order to increase the training speed a small amount on the people that will finish training first anyway.

Assuming each 100% a crew member takes 10 xp(this is way off, ~600k gets you to about 61% on the third skill) the following is approximately true assuming mentor is trained first.

-----------------------------------------------------------------------------radioman done---------
At this point I'm going to stop with the bad math and just use it to show that at that when the commander hits his 4th you are worse off with mentor than with it.
Commander: Mentor, BIA, 6th, Jack of all, and if no mentor eagle, recon, or repair
Gunner: BIA, snap, armorer, repair, and w/ deadeye @ ~30%
Driver: BIA, smooth, clutch, off-road, and repair @ 30
Radio: BIA, Situ, Repair, Fire, and camo @ 30
Loader: BIA, Repair, safe, fire, and adrenaline @ 30

The extra skill on the commander is worth far more than the extra xp on the other crew members.

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This is a nice collection of data, thanks for sharing.

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*Reads this*
*Immediately launches WoT to reassign Commander skills*

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So you can use mentor to gain other skills faster and then drop it for another skill?

The second and third skill grow way slower so why isn't mentor a good skill to get other skills at 100% faster? I assume it takes alot more battles to get to the second and third skill without mentor..?

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Because mentor requires the use of gold to not handicap your crew, and speeds up crew training for the crew members who need it least while making your crew member who needs it the most to train up an extra skill that provides no benefit on the battlefield.

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Thanks for the info. I didn't know everyone needed brothers in arms for it to do anything.

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