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Sandbox game "Minecraft is a game about placing blocks while running from skeletons." Server Status MCF Thread

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~ Minecraft Branch Leadership Roster ~
Welcome! Listed here is the full list of leaders in the Minecraft branch. We hope to see you in-game! :D
New to the branch? Check out this link: Server/Branch Information Thread
Council (Owner):
In-game color: __________

}SoC{Arrow ---------- Arrow
}SoC{Lazer ---------- Lazer_Guy

Active Branch Leaders:
In-game color: __________

}SoC{Djp49 ---------- Djp49

Reserve Branch Leaders:
In-game color: __________

}SoC{Alden ---------- Aldenrenfrid
}SoC{Macandcheese ---------- Macandcheese
}SoC{Ruffian ---------- Ruffian_

In-game color: __________

}SoC{Bescot ---------- bescot42
}SoC{Niranozan ---------- Nirano987

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