Minecraft Officer Application:

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Officer Application (it isn't recommended that you complete this in one sitting)
Once complete, please PM to a Branch Leader

1.Why do you think you would be a good leader?
2.Have you been in a leadership position in another clan or server?
3.What would your leadership/administration look like on the Minecraft server?
4.Eventually, you will disagree with other officers or branch leaders. How would you respond to this disagreement and how would you overcome this situation?

1.Have you recruited for SoC before?
2.Are you willing to recruit for the Minecraft branch?
3.Do you have a minecraftforum.net account?

1.What SoC Minecraft events have you attended?
2.Have you planned an event before (inside or outside of SoC)?
3.Are you willing to plan events for the branch?
4.What new ideas or events would you bring to the Minecraft branch?

1.Are you currently in another clan or playing on another Minecraft server?
2.What other SoC branches do you participate in?
3.How often are you on the forums?
4.How often are you on Teamspeak?
5.How often are you on our Minecraft server?

1.I acknowledge that the SoC Minecraft server will be only Minecraft server I play on regularly while I am serving as an officer.
2.I will follow all SoC rules and know that as an officer I will be held to a high standard.
3.I understand that branch leadership comes before playing on the server.
4.I will not openly argue with an officer, guardian, branch leader, or council member (handle it in the officer section or pm).
5.I understand that my privileges will be taken away if abused or used unwisely.
6.I will not openly discuss things posted in the Minecraft Officer section.
7.I will not give out permissions to nonadmins/nonofficers.
8.I verify all of my responses in this application are true.

Do you agree or disagree with all/some/one of the terms?

Please private message your responses to a branch leader and all the branch leaders and officers will discuss it.

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