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I am sure there are more people than just me reading these forums...

Please tell me what is on your minds...

Runescape has some group activities I would like to try and do, but the nature of the game makes it harder for everyone to stay on the same page.

I for one would like to at some point scout out things like the God Wars Dungeon. I think I am too low level for it, but at some point I want to see it anyways.

I know Pine and bil and other people like doing dungeons, granted school makes it harder to really everyone in together.

So, for me, one goal I have is to at some point be able to fight to a reasonable extent a God Wars boss. Eventually I would like for us to be able to take on Nex.

Maybe we can get more dungeoneering teams going.

Games like Fist of Guthix and Great Orb Project can be annoying to play with random players.

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