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DKRga posted this in our recruitment thread on battlenet's forums
Hi ^ ^

I was wondering if you can clarify some questions i have about the sc2 division. I tried to look for info in your forums but i couldn't find what i was looking for.

Hope you can help me by answering the following questions =D:

What kind of sc2 clan are you? team oriented or solo or both XD?

Do you have practices? How often?

Are you a competitive, casual or both type of division?

Would it be a problem if i have the dk in my name? I used to be part to a clan both left because of organization problems, now i cant change my name because i have already used the free change

Thanks in advance for your time. Have a nice weekend ^ ^.

also while you're at it, bump with the announcements of new Guardians (so far) Kirandio, Ellmattay, Djp49, and the latest new members- IroquoisGarret, Thackattack, Vixengurl

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