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Population help:
Keep getting stuck in population? Heres some tips for some buildings that might help (I will update this more as time goes on)
for when to build the next supply depot, take all the buildings that you're pumping from (only if you're pumping CONSTANTLY)
take the amount of barrackses (barracksi?) times two
take the amount of command centers times two
add all those together, subtract from the total pop and bam! (for example, 3 barracks and 1 command center, 3x2 = 6, 1x2 = 2, 6+2 = 8, so each depot should be 8 below the pop limit, 18/26, 26/34, and so on. If you get 8, like I just did there, you should be constantly making supply depots with 1 scv) (another example, 4 barracks and 2 command centers, 4x2 = 8, 2x3 = 4, 8+4 = 12, so at 14/26, 22/34, and so on. Since if you get 8 you have to keep making supply depots with 1 scv, for more than 8 you have to have 2 scvs making supply depots)

the reason I have done is is first, because I don't know enough to give you guys enough variations, and second, I can just post a website that already has them up... yay to laziness :P (I have also done/will be doing this with the protoss strategies and zerg strategies)

The following link will put you at liquipedia.com, a starcraft wiki site, and the "terran strategy" section of that site.

contact me or comment or something if you want to talk about these strats, see something better with them if you do it one way, etc
my xfire: yorosmai
my steam: yorosmai
(yorosmai backwards is iamsoroy -> I am soroy, if you don't get where I got the name yorosmai from :P )

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