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population tips:
number of nexuses times two
number of gateways times two
add those up, thats how many below the pop you need to make the next one (2 gateways, 1 nexus, 2x2 = 4, 1x2 = 2, 4+2 = 6, so at 11/17, 19/25, etc)

Now, onto the strategies. No matter what strategy you do as Protoss, it will pretty much always start out with making probes until 8/9 population, and the 8th probe that pops out should be timed with the first pylon, both of which coming out at around the same time. The only difference in this part of the game for Protoss is where the first pylon is put, and from that you can tell alot about the Protoss strategies. For example, if protoss puts the first pylon just outside your base or in the middle of the map, they are doing what is called a "cheese strategy" or a "proxy strategy". This means that they are being cheesy any not playing a game normally, and they are also putting the pylon, and, in the future, gateway(s) close to your base than they would be in the Protoss's main base, meaning that they can attack you sooner. Or if they put the first pylon in their main base, that means they are probably playing standard. Of course, mid game (4-15 minutes in), Protoss can hide a pylon and make a proxy Robotics Bay or hide a pylon and along with it tech to Dark Templars or Reavers or something. Some Protosses at the higher levels also will just hide a pylon and not do anything with it, because when they're scouted (and this is at pretty high level play) the person scouting will notice a missing pylon and assume that there is something hidden and will try to guard themselves more, meaning they can't attack you as early. Therefore positioning, even of something as simple as a pylon, can change the whole course of the game.

The following link will put you at a website that has tons of protoss strategies/techniques, and as they will almost guarantee better descriptions then I can give.

contact me or comment or something if you want to talk about these strats, see something better with them if you do it one way, etc
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