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Stacking units is helpful for atleast 2 reasons...
1: You can't target fire weaker ones
2: They all can hit the same one since they are the same distance away

Now, of course, there are disadvantages to it too...
1: Splash damage = OW
2: takes quite a bit of practice

Although stacking is useful, only certain units can do it. For example, marines can't stack because they're ground units and they each take up a certain amount of space... The only ground units that can stack are burrowed units or workers (you need to tell them to mine minerals or gather from an unused vespene geyser). Air units can stack, and to do that, you need to add into their control group a unit that can't attack. For example, stacking mutas can use a defiler, unburrowed lurker, larva, overlord, or queen. Wraiths can use a medic, science vessel, or others. Carriers can be used with observers, high templar, etc...
Also note: If you have mutas and you are stacking them with an over or wraiths with a science vessel, and the overlord or science vessel is right next to the units, then they won't stack as well.

Also, stacking units usually takes high APM to do...
Usually when stacking one control group as well as keeping up with things at your main base, you get about 150-250 APM...
2 control groups and things at your base is 325-400 or so APM...
And 3 control groups WITHOUT things at your base is (as far as I've found out) 400-600
3 control groups WITH things at your base... insane, I'd assume 500-700
Here is me trying to stack 2 or 3 control groups of mutas... (only stack not keeping up with my base or attacking
I'm at 423 APM there, and I still don't have them stacked completely...
And 3 control groups with attacking... my arm got tired after about 2 mins of it :shock: Image
They aren't that well stacked, and that was at 439 APM... its INSANE

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