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    • }SoC{Swarm (SoC_Swarm) [SC1]
      }SoC{SetApart (SoC_SetApt) [SC1]
      }SoC{Crispy (SoC_Crispy) [SC1]
      }SoC{4Him (SoC_4Him) [SC1]
      }SoC{Laddy (laddy101) [SC1]
      }SoC{Zulu2 (SoC_Zulu2) [SC1]
      }SoC{S-043 (SoC_SPARTAN43) [SC1]
      }SoC{Tech (Qiasfah) [SC1]
      }SoC{Blind1 (OTuphlos) [SC1]
      }SoC{wam (SoCwam) [SC1]
      }SoC{Sumguy (SoC_Sumguy) [SC1]
      }SoC{Mocopo [SC1]
      }SoC{Brian [SC1]
      }SoC{T-bird (soc_t-bird) [SC1]
      }SoC{Sheep (SoC_Sheep) [SC1]
      }SoC{ROGER (SoC_ROGER) [SC1]
      }SoC{AxL (SoC_AxL) [SC1]
      }SoC{Rookie (SoC_Rookie) [SC1]
      }SoC{Jaguar (SoC_Jaguar) [SC1]
      }SoC{Kidd (SOC_KIdD) [SC1]
      }SoC{Xacron (SOC_Xacron) [SC1]
      }SoC{Soroy (Soroy) [SC1]
      }SoC{Sneaku (SoC_Sneaku) [SC1]
      }SoC{Tri (SoC_Tri-Slayer) [SC1]
      }SoC{SoBe (SoC_SoBe) [SC1]
      }SoC{Ty [SC1]
      }SoC{Tank (tankstr) [SC1]
Starcraft II name list: (name, code)
}SoC{Jaguar (SoCJaguar, 653)
}SoC{byby (byby, 439)
}SoC{Soroy (YorOsMai, 255)
}SoC{Swarm (Swarm, 756)
}SoC{KIdD (KIdD, 868)
}SoC{GLO (GLO, 790)
}SoC{Laddy (Laddy, 631)
!DC!Crump (Crump, 507)
}SoC{GodsGameFreak(GdsGameFreak - 772)
[SC1] - Owns / Plays Starcraft or Starcraft: Brood War

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